• i love her i love her i love her i love her

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  • Twisted Comic Take on Torture Amongst Criminals Features A Scintillating Star Performance

    Gruesome Magazine


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  • Morbidly Beautiful

    Nightmare Film Festival Block Review

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  • very funny in a sickly kind of way. I wish it were longer.

    22 Indie Street

    4/5 Stars

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  • A macabre so funny it bends its genre.

    Indie Shorts Mag

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  • A blend of Tarantino-esque deadpan humour with the gloomy visuals of David Fincher.

    Screen Critix

    4/5 Stars · ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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  • …the boss has special plans for the man’s demise, and it comes in the form of the Green Cobra!

    Film Threat

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  • One to
    watch out for.
    If the comedy worked into such a gruesome idea doesn’t keep a smile on your face while you clench your fists in perceived agony, you are not human.

    Reel Romp

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  • This film confirms the saying ‘hell hath no fury as a woman scorned.’

    Take 2 Indie Review

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